Friday, November 21, 2014

Assistive Technology Holiday Gift Guide!

Here is just a small sampling of the numerous products available to improve the lives of people
with mobility challenges. Happy shopping and enjoy the holidays!

Tecla Shield DOS

The Tecla Shield DOS by Komodo OpenLab is a wireless device that lets you control smartphones and tablets using  external switches or the driving controls of your powered wheelchair. This locally developed product is a must have for anyone with limited use of hands. A simple out of the box device, takes little time to configure (works with any smart phone), is compact, lasts 4 days per charge and is available with various mounts and accessories. Open up a world of opportunity and independence for a loved one!

Website: Buy It Now!

Price: $349 USD

Tecla Shield DOS

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon, the world’s best-selling speech recognition software, lets you dictate documents, search the web, email and more on your computer — quickly and accurately — just by using your voice. You don’t even have to lift a finger.

NaturallySpeaking uses a minimal user interface. As an example, dictated words appear in a floating tooltip as they are spoken (though there is an option to suppress this display to increase speed), and when the speaker pauses, the program transcribes the words into the active window at the location of the cursor (Dragon does not support dictating to background windows). The software has three primary areas of functionality: dictation, text-to-speech and command input. Dragon is available in Home and Premium versions, in various languages for both Windows and Mac.

Website: Buy It Now!

Price: $99 - $300

Clarity Fortissimo Remote Controlled Speakerphone

Designed for people with limited mobility, The Clarity® Fortissimo™ remote controlled speakerphone offers multiple options for hands-free control. The hands free design allows you to operate the phone by adaptive switches, air switch or by simply using a optional one-button pendant. Additionally, the Fortissimo has 85 dBSPL of amplification and bluetooth connectivity.

Website: Buy It Now!

Price: $550.00


TrackerPro is a handsfree USB input device that takes the place of a mouse by tracking a small dot that can be placed on your forehead, glasses or the rim of a hat. Simply plug it in and it works just like a mouse (no additional software required). Anything that can be done with a regular hand mouse can be done by using TrackerPro.

Website: Buy It Now!

Price: $995.00

IZ Adaptive Clothing

IZ Adaptive features a line of clothing designed to meet the specific needs of wheelchair users. From formal wear to bath robes, alterations and much more, IZ Adaptive is your one stop shop for Stylish, Functional, Quality clothing.

Website: Buy It Now!

Neater Eater

The Neater Eater by UK's Neater Solutions, Is a electronic device to assist users with limited upper mobility to independently feed themselves. Attached to any table the programable Neater Eater's arm can be controlled with a variety of switches, helping people to regain dignity and independence.

Check out the website for a number of innovative solutions!

Website: Buy It Now!

The Ubi

The Ubi from Toronto based start up Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation is a voice activated environmental control and so much more,  think of it as a hands free personal assistant. Once switched on, connected to a Wi-Fi network and paired with compatible devices, the Ubi (using Google’s speech-to-text software) can change thermostat settings, adjust lighting and control blinds. Want to know the population of Kuala Lumpur? Just say the phrase “OK, Ubi.” and ask away!

Website: Buy It Now!

Price: $299

Xbox One

Ok, I know what your thinking someone wants a new fancy toy... However the Xbox One has many built in accessibility features built around the Kinect motion sensor and camera. Microsoft took the accessory that debuted on the Xbox 360 and revamped it, making it more precise and capable of doing something never before seen in the living room: voice controls. After a brief initial calibration of the Kinect sensor to your voice, you are able to control every feature of the Xbox entirely with your voice. A closer look reveals a robust close captioning menu, that in addition to the voice control goes a long way to dramatically improve the gaming experience for not only disabled gamers but anyone needing hands free control of their entertainment system.

Website: Buy It Now!

Price: $399

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