Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Let there be light! Reviewing the Lutron Maestro

The Lutron Maestro is a motion sensor for the home. As someone with no arm strength, it can be difficult to turn on the lights. That is where the motion light helps me, with the sensor I just need to drive pass the switch and magically the lights turn on. My brother installed one over a year ago to ensure I'm not kept in the dark while I'm watching TV, it's definitely given me independence within my home. The one setting for the motion sensor is the timer, in 5, 10, 30 minutes intervals, so if you leave the room the lights will turn off based on the time you select.

The only product improvement is that if you want the lights off (when you're watching a movie) any movement will turn on the lights, the other option is to put it in a room where you want the lights on whenever you enter and lights off cause no one will be in it.

I would recommend motion sensors to those with limited upper body strength because it makes it easier to turn on and off the lights without lifting your arms.

What other ways have you found independence within your home? Share the technologies that's worked or not worked for you!

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